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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Questions

How do I book Erica Stoy Hair for my wedding? What are your methods of payment?

A signed contract and 50% of package grand total and/or any day of services is required to secure your date.

Payment must be in cash, check or sent and confirmed via Venmo to @Erica-Stoy. Credit cards will not be accepted.

Do you offer any packages?

We do not. We have our pricing listed publicly on the website, the hope is that anyone can come at any time and see what their wedding or event would cost no matter the size. 

Why are prices the same for weddings no matter the style of hair look?

One of our main goals when starting this business was to be as fair and straightforward as we could with our services and pricing. This industry is amazing, but it can also be confusing to clients how pricing works with some vendors or who they should book with from the several options available to them. Here are the main reasons we make it simpler for weddings:

  1. Many of the brides we work with do not know at the time of booking what style/look they definitely want (which is perfectly ok!) and more often than not, are allowing their party members getting services to choose their own looks the day of.

  2. Even though a style may look “simple”, it’s not actually that simple to create. There are so many factors that go into professional hair styling for the best experience, outcome and individual needs. And regardless of the requested look, the service time is the same.

  3. We assure you, that no matter the look you choose, whether all down, half up or full glam, we use the best products and techniques and know what matters most to each type of look. That way, we can concentrate on the key elements so your experience is both high-end and truly special each time!


How many artists are needed for my wedding day?

One artist can accommodate up to 8 services depending on timing. The first artist is always included in the service pricing, but each additional artist needed is $125. We can accommodate small to large parties based on artist availability.


What is your travel policy? How much will it be for my wedding if applicable?

There will be a charge $1 per mile round trip per artist.

Am I able to add on or change the number of services on my original contract?

We have definitely worked with brides who want to secure us for their big day, but aren’t able to confirm the number of services at the time of booking. In these cases, it’s always best to book us for what you know is confirmed and add on services later as we do allow for a single courtesy update to the contract’s services after signing. Please let us know as soon as possible though in order for us to secure additional artists if needed and/or include an early start time. Each additional update to the contract affecting the total services cost will incur a fee of $25.00


Do you do LGBTQ+ Weddings?

Absolutely yes! We have our Services & Pricing set up the way it is to accommodate small to large parties, multiple brides, groomsmaids, and more. It’s important that everyone feels joyous, celebrated, and pampered on their big days. We can’t wait to talk to you more about yours and if we can be a part of all the love!

Is the deposit refundable?

Deposits are non-refundable - unless upon action of Erica Stoy Hair if we as hair artist(s) are unable to perform duties for reasons stated in contract. Your deposit ensures your date is secured with us.

When is the final remaining balance due?

The final payment per your contract is to be collected on the day of the event in the form of cash, check or sent and confirmed via Venmo to @Erica-Stoy, Credit cards will not be accepted. If people are paying individually for their services, please accumulate beforehand so we receive only the total remaining per your contract.

Is gratuity included?

No, we do not include tips/gratuity in our pricing but it’s always appreciated

Hair Service Questions

What’s included in a hair service?

Full styling including all products and tools necessary. Please bring your own hair accessories and/or clip-in hair extensions if desired (additional cost for extension application on everyone) and must be notified ahead of wedding date.

I can’t decide on what hair look I want. What should I do?


It’s both a blessing and a curse how many options are out there for hair inspiration! We recommend thinking about the key elements to your wedding (dress type, colors, vibe, etc.) and discussing with your artist what you like and don’t like most about what you may find online - another reason bridal trials are great!

How do party members (i.e. bridesmaids, mother of the bride/groom, etc.) work when it comes to their hair?

We ask that all desired hair looks be thought about beforehand. Part of the service we provide is the choice for the bride to either pick their styles and communicate it to us before or have each person tell us even while in our chairs on the actual day of the wedding. We can also offer trial run for mother of bride/groom.

How long does it take to get your hair done?

For day-of wedding services, we schedule 45 minutes for each hair service for any party member. Bridal services take between 1 hour and 90 minutes as we want to make sure they get the special attention they so deserve on their big day,

Trial Questions

What is a bridal trial?

A bridal trial is a 90 minutes appointment to try out what your hair will be like on your special day! You can use it to see your vision come to life or decide if you need to make any changes so you can be your most confident self. We will also discussing your vision and needs, getting any of your questions answered about the day of, possibly trying out different options (if discussed ahead of time and approved depending on the type of request).

When should I schedule a bridal preview and/or trial?

Once your date in secured I typically recommend booking your trial 3-6 months out from your big day. Previews or trials are available on weekdays as brides are our number one priority with weddings usually on weekends. Please inquire if a weekday is not possible so we can try our best to accommodate. Trial run take place at Divine Hair 2120 Five Mile Line Rd, Penfield, NY 14526.

Please reach out if you have any other questions or fill out our Contact Form!


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